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learning from the beth israel hospital staff, when this younger tsarnaev dzhokhar tsarnaev was taken last week to this prison medical facility in deven devens, massachusetts, 40 miles from where i'm standing. but i want to begin with the wife of brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. her name is katherine russell. she has been questioned by investigators. we at cnn would love to talk to her. we're hearing a little bit from her attorney and we have seen some action today outside of her parents' home in rhode island. we want to begin this hour with erin mcpike in rhode island for us right now. erin tell me what you've been seeing today. >> reporter: well brooke about 12:30 today there were six fbi officials sitting in two cars outside katie russell's house. and just a russell's attorney two of them pulled up parked in katie russell's driveway and went inside her house. two minutes late five of those six fbi officials went inside katie russell's houseleft. so fbi officials have been inside katie russell's parent's house for the last hour and 20 minutes. now, of course we don't know
beginning. we are live at beth israel hospital in boston. adam, police say the suspect is in serious condition tonight. >> yeah, we hear the same thing, very serious condition. they are not giving us a lot of information. we are getting some bits and pieces from the hospital here that he is in surgery right now, he has multiple injuries. we know one of the injuries is a gunshot. we don't know if that's a serious one, self-inflicked, from the officers, all answers will come ii time, but we know at this hour they are doing what they can inside the hospital to ensure the suspect lives. we're told, as of right now, they believe he will make it through, again, they have not got into detail what they are doing, but we know he's right now in surgery with multiple injuries, at least one of the injuries is a gunshot, and at this hour, they say he should be making it at this point barring any change in the condition, of course. >> it's our understanding, among other things, a shot to the head and hand, guessing security's mighty tight. >> yeah. we heard the same thing, shot to the head nd han
to beth israel hospital in serious condition. listen to this. >> the citizens of the city of boston and this area can be confident that the threat has been removed. >> a short time later, residents pouring out of their homes. cheering police in their vehicles as they rolled away from the scene. what a tense few days of events for them. chants breaking out of "usa, usa." >>> well, it was one of the most compelling images from the capture of tsarnaev and that is a picture of him in and ambulance covered in blood right there. this morning,esque treated as we said at beth israel hospital in boston. that's where adam housley is live with the latest. adam? >> reporter: yeah, heather. we saw some of the same scenes driving through the city over to this hospital after we learned he was being taken here. we followed authorities over to this direction. as you drove through boston, you could see the people coming out of the streets. in fact, at one point about 500 college students had shut down one of the streets in boston, cheering as first responders drove by. others had to turn away. then w
later, tsarnaev was rushed to beth israel hospital in serious condition. >> the citizens of the city of boston and this area can be confident that the threat has been removed. >> a short time later, watertown residents poured out of their homes and lined the streets to cheer police vehicles as they rolled away from the scene down at the boston common. chants of "usa" broke out. >> great to see that. people were certainly so relieved in boston. looking at this picture, he was covered in blood when they found him. he had been cowering in a boat in the backyard stored in someone's backyard and that's how suspect number two was found before being pulled in the ambulance and then transported to the hospital. well, this morning, he's being treated at beth israel hospital. it's coincidentally the same hospital where his brother had died and so many victims have been treated. >> they're still there. >> exactly. adam housley is there with the late hes. good morning, adam, are we hearing anything more about his condition or the extent of his injuries? >> reporter: we're still getting bits and
learned the hospital where the suspect has been taken, boston's beth israel deaconness. chris lawrence is standing by. what are you hearing? >> yeah, standing right outside. and there's a pretty incredible police presence around beth israel. it's a fairly large campus. and there are literally officers posted on just about every corner surrounding it. when we first arrived here a while back, we did see an ambulance being led up to beth israel by about ten motorcycle officers. so there was a caravan of cars and motorcycles leading an ambulance into the area around beth israel. now of course we have been told the suspect has been brought to beth israel, to the hospital here, and there is a tremendous police presence here right now. >> as you're talking, we can show that picture we showed earlier of the suspect in the back of an ambulance. again, not a very clear picture. but it is the picture that we have of the suspect -- actually, that's the suspect being apprehended, laying face up on the ground as law enforcement secures the suspect. you see some of his stomach there. there's also a s
condition here at beth israel within the last 24 hours. doctors are concerned about moving him. but there was also a great push get him out of beth israel because there were so many others being cared for in the bombing that he took part in, or at least allegedly took part in. so, it's been done. he has moved there and now we have to wait and see what his condition is at this new facility. >> very much outside of boston. somewhat secluded area. as you said in this former military base, completely separate from the victims here. >> and they were certainly looking for anything. even considering other community hospitals, something that might not be a prison facility. this one run by the bureau of prisons. so it really worked out perfectly for the authorities who were concerned about where do we move him to that is going to be safe enough, secure enough, that he can get the care that he needs so that we can keep him in a good state through trial. >> do you have more on the investigation now? >> we do know that on the investigation side, that he may be talking to investigators agai
been able to ascertain for us. brett? >> we are at beth israel hospital and there is a strong police presence. you are just looking at a couple of the police cruisers surrounding this building right now. this is on the west campus. this is the west clinical center at beth israel where police and law enforcement are surrounding the building. the building takes up about a block so the block is entirely covered right now. this is the heart of long wood medical center near brooke line and jimmy fund way. it is across from the dana farber cancer institute. we have seen additional police presence. they are not letting any cars go down the path. they have done so since we got out there an hour ago. obviously we have been hearing so much about the violent activity that has taken place in cambridge and in watertown and with the boston globe reporting one suspect is in police custody and that one suspect has been shot. we don't know if that suspect was brought here. obviously as you can see there is a heightened sense of security around this entire building right now. this is clearly an area t
tur is at beth israel hospital here in boston with more on that tonight. katy? >> reporter: good evening, lester. the suspect is in serious, but stable condition here at beth israel and yes, he is in the very same hospital as many of the people the fbi says he tried to kill. cheers of joy, to a moment of silence. the city of boston may be relieved, but it is still in mourning. for 8-year-old martin richard, for 29-year-old kris. camp krystle campbell, for bu grad student lingzi lu, and sean kohl years, the m.i.t. police officer shot and killed in his patrol car thursday night, just are 55 minutes before his shift would have ended. >> he was a great young man. he was wise beyond his years. his goal was always to become a police officer. >> reporter: his family writing our only solace is that sean died bravely doing what he committed to do, serving and protecting others." then there are those still fighting to survive. officials say 33-year-old transit officer richard donohue was shot multiple times during the gunfight with the tsarnaev brothers in watertown, tonight, in serious co
is now in beth israel hospital in serious condition. backed a vehicle up over his own brother. his brother dead in the road and escaped on foot. they had no idea where he had gone. the police chief said i thought we had man power lock this place down but we didn't. turns out he was under a blue tarp like an injured dog. >> it was almost a ghost town here today no, one wanted to go out. everybody was in fear to. think he was just hiding like, you know like a scared rat in the bottom of the boat. you know just sort of i hate to use the word luck but what luck a man noticed a strap was broken on a boat. he looked inside there was the speekt at every point along the way citizen who's have been a help to authorities in bringing this to a close they asked people, a million people stay home all day. shop owners close down. restaurants closed and everything shut down in boston. i drove to logan airport at 5:00 and managed to appear into the marathon in 10 minutes. you can't do that in the middle of the night. because of this, largely because of residents tips this is over. >> greta: imagin
but anywhere you move around beth israel there is police officers everywhere at every door, every exit and driveway in and out. and inside we can see officers walking around as well, there are officers near the operating room and stationed outside recovery room. so there is a police presence here. the doorway to the right which you cannot see from our angle i count now three, six, nine, 11 police officers at that one doorway and they're everywhere. they have this area on lock down inside and outside of the hospital. >> adam here tonight we'll go back to him for updates on the condition. imagine what waits like in watertown this evening. before 7:00 and all of a sudden, shots. the police surrounded this man and had been bleeding and injured last night. think of this. he and his brother had been running from cops. they had another bomb a stove top style pressure cooker bomb. threw it out of the window but the top came off. it wasn't able to do the kind of awful damage at the boston marathon. so after the older brother died, the younger brother flees on foot. during that time boston went
. meantime, law enforcement is focused on suspect number two, here at beth israel hospital. this morning, police and federal agents are anxiously waiting to question the man who sparked nearly a week-long man hunt. that ended in a spray of bullets. overnight this new video was released showing that final tense showdown, stun grenades exploding as police move in to capture dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's in serious but stable condition at boston's beth israel hospital. his injuries, preventing him from speaking. >> i think i and all of the law enforcement professionals are hoping, for a host of reasons, that the suspect survives. because we have a million questions. >> reporter: questions like, was there anybody else involved? in his and his brother's alleged attack of the boston marathon monday. and was that their only target? dzhokhar tsarnaev he likely face federal and state charges in connection with the marathon bombing. he is also the main suspect in the fatal shooting of an m.i.t. campus police officer early friday as well as the carjacking. all of which happened just hours before he and h
tsarnaev is in serious condition at beth israel medical center. he was capittured last night afr he was found hiding in a boat parked outside of that home in watertown. that homeowner called police after he noticed blood on the boat, and spotted someone curled up inside. >> the community stood strong. it was a call from a resident in watertown, we actually remained vigilant and you did. we got that call and we got the guy. >> and that's what happened later. crowds gathering in the streets and cheering after the police announced the capture. president obama then addressed the nation. >> boston police and state police and local police across the commonwealth of massachusetts responded with professionalism, and bravery over five long days. and tonight, because of their determined efforts, we've closed an important chapter in this tragedy. >> now, the other suspect that's dzhokhar's older brother, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev was killed friday during a confrontation with police. authorities in boston suspended all mass transit friday and warned roughly 1 million people to stay indoors
in watertown, massachusetts. miguel marquez is live at boston's beth israel deaconess medical center, the site where dzhokhar tsarnaev is still being treated. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: good morning there, john. and it is expected that mr. tsarnaev may soon be moved to either another medical facility, a civilian facility or a state-run facility that would be a part of a prison system. when that happens, we want to be here for it. all of that as we are learning much more about this investigation. in a shocking revelation, sources now say dzhokhar tsarnaev had no weapon when he was hiding in a boat, and a police officer injured during the operation appears an accidental victim of friendly fire. this as it's revealed new york city may have been a target as the tsarnaev brothers sought to flee boston. >> the surviving attacker revealed that new york city was next on their list of targets. he told the fbi, apparently, that he and his brother had intended to drive to new york and designate additional explosives in times square. >> reporter: the brothers had six more explosives, another press
. dzhokhar tsarnaev, in surgery in beth israel hospital in boston, after police say a homeowner noticed a trail of blood in his back yard. >> the men who found him at the boat said he was covered with blood. we assume those injuries occurred the evening before. there was an exchange of gunfire at the boat. i don't know if he was struck. >> now these are some of the images taken right after his capture. you can see him here, well, he's out on the pavement there, or the near -- near the area of the boat. he is here in an ambulance, before heading to the hospital. adam house lie, joining us live now with more. adam? >> reporter: yeah, gregg, he was brought here under guard to this hospital, beth israel in boston, where he remains under guard. just about every entrance in and in and out of the hospital and the entire medical compound here at beth israel has a number of police officer in just about every location, across the street, like the children's hospital hospital you will find increased security. we were told he was in surgery, multiple injuries, one to his hand and one to his head. w
, you can see them wandering around. this large campus of beth israel,ul find police officers, including at the children's hospital across the street. they are taking no chances here. we are told there are guards on the floor where the surgery's taking place. they are not afraid he is going to get away, but they want to ensure that no one gets to him. they want to make sure he is in complete lockdown, so if he does recover, for them, as part of this investigation, they will be able to ask questions for him. but it sounds like it won't be for quite sometime. we're at beth israel in boston. driving to the hospital, after they brought the body here of the second suspect, you came through parts of boston and you saw the restaurants reopen. you saw bars reopen. at one point, a bunch of college students, probably 500 shut down one of the streets and only let ambulances and police cars through, cheering. you can see, quite a celebration in boston. but at the same time, there is a lot of recovery ahead for so many people and so many families, gregg. >> there is word, obviously from the neighbor
. there was additional fbi officers and boston police officers and then of course members from the beth israel deaconess police department outside the room. here's what happened as he was stabilized. the suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was then taken from that red zone trauma area to an x-ray and then a ct scan and then he was wheeled after very quickly to an operating room. a high level hospital employee said the fbi stayed in the area as he was being operated on. from that moment, it was only within a matter of hours, he was taken to what we now know is the sixth floor of the beth israel. that's an area where were told that was shut off, exclusive to this particular patients. no other patients at all in that sixth floor i.c.u. where he was closed off for the remainder of his stay there. the president of the hospital came in there that night after 8:00 to be a part of this. he doesn't come to the hospital unless it is a very important person who is admitted. the recovery of tsarnaev was extremely quick. i am told, quote, he was in much better shape than most people thought. with the serious wounds isolated t
. this seems to ver what our he aliz beth coat . >> he was taken to beth israel deaconess hospital where he's listed in serious condition. shaken but undaunted. the people of boston came out friday night to hold a vigil at the finish line of the boston marathon. the scene of monday's deadly bombing. here is one of the brief glimpses we got friday night of the suspected bomber, dzhokar tsarnaev. this is by wmur. it shows tsarnaev's face through the window of an distance. let's get a rundown of everything. joining me again is chris lawrence. he is standing by at the hospital. and, chris, there must be incredible security there right now at the beth israel hospital. >> john, literally state police and other guards surrounding every corner of this hospital. one of the officers telling people you can't go through this way. literally, just about an every corner there are police stationed outside. whether that investigation goes, it will start here at beth israel hospital. the same medical team that treated his brother is now treating him. we're told he's in serious condition. when they found him
's at beth israel deaconess center. he's in serious condition. a federal official says he has injuries to his throat and is unable to speak. we'll have a live report from the hospital in just a few minutes. our elizabeth cohen is standing by. first, we want to catch you up on some of the other developments, up to date on the charges that the suspected bomber may actually face, and show you some new riveting images of that intense manhunt that led to his capture. we're watching all of this unfold. for that, let's go to cnn's joe johns, our crime and justice correspondent. he's working his sources in washington. joe, what are officials telling you about the proceeding that could happen today in the coming hours by the suspect's bedside? this is highly extraordinary. >> that's true, wolf. our sources have told us it's possible, possible we could see charges today. but there's no guarantee. we have heard as recently as yesterday that authorities were contemplating a terrorism charge, most likely something relating to use of a weapon of mass destruction. also, in all likelihood, some type of charg
tsarnaev, he's in beth israel hospital recovering from wounds and said to number serious condition. i am no lawyer and i don't know if that means with the justice department ready to file charges whether they would be treating him as an enemy combantant . was signal would by not reading the miranda rights when they captured him. it could mean that and could mean the opposite of that. in the meantime eric shaun has the latest from boston right now. >> hi, neil, they could be filing them under a civilian case under those chargeless. federal charge of at the same time state murder charges and that's what sources are telling fox newings, the reason he was not given the miranda rights is that under the law, under a approximate exemption that has to do with immediate threats to the police or public. there is a part of the law that said you don't have to give miranda rights to a suspect to immediately protect the police in a life or death situation. the idea is that when they got him in the boat, they don't know if there are other plots or bombs or devices that the brothers had allege wouldly p
outside boston's beth israel medical center where the suspect and many of the victims are being kept and kristen we willinger at the white house, let's get to the latest on investigation. for that, we turn to michaels i cough, again, in boston. what is the fbi focusing on today and moving forward? >> reporter: federal prosecutors are focusing on drafting a criminal complaint we could see as early as this afternoon, detailing the criminal charges against him supported by an affidavit from an fbi agent that would lay out some details of the plot. not all of them but could provide crucial new information for us about what tsarnaev actually did and raise and shed some light on whether the fbi think there is are any accomplices or not. at the same time, have this high-value intelligence interrogation team that is planning to question him as early as they can without reading him his miranda rights, the standard rights you see on every crime show. mandated by the constitution are not going to be use td used in case. [ inaudible ] that is quite controversial already. the aclu has questioned
and firearms says the suspect has gunshot wounds to his neck and leg. the teen-ager now at beth israel medical center, a lot of police there guarding condition tonight? >> we just heard from the u.s. attorney's office. the suspect is in serious but stable condition here with multiple injuries. we are told one of those injuries came from the first shoot out. the second injury could have come from there and they haven't told us it is from there but the more recent one is from last night. there are guards in every entrance and exit. anybody that gets into the facility of beth israel is supposed to have purses and bags checked. >> is there a plan for charging him? >> they have not yet filed charges. we are told they could come he is in a hospital bed. they have a team of investigators ready to question him. they are literally on stand by. we saw investigators come out and car parked here last evening after the suspect brought here. we saw them leave, we know there are investigators here and they're not saying much of anything as the investigation continues, shepherd. >> it is it a nail-biting stan
could be transported out of beth israel deaconess medical center soon. a news official tells cnn's jessica yellin there is no hard evidence the tsarnaev brothers had any accomplices or any connections to extremists. there is another new development this morning. a delegation from the u.s. embassy in moscow is in dagestan this morning attempting to interview the parents off tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev with cooperation from the russian government. >> reporter: good morning. it is a historic moment for boylston street over at the corner of boylston and dartmouth. they're just getting the streets reopened here. a little confusion about how this is rolling out this morning, but as the day gets going, you're going to see a lot more people on the street. we just shot some very sensitive video. folks are very, very sensitive about opening this street, even running live shots down boylston street? the video shows them repairing one of the sites of the bombings. they're replacing the bricks and the cement. they're replacing windows blasted out. there is now a boston strong message. all
moved from beth israel deaconess medical center to a prison facility. the u.s. marshals as he was moved to the bureau of prisons facility in fort bevans massachusetts. it is a federal medical detention center. >> the 11 year-old martina boy was injured in the boston bombing was released from the hospital. aaron hearns and the day during the bomb site yesterday. he was injured by the second blast while waiting for his mother near the finish line. his parents at love and support they have received has been overwhelming. >> so much gratitude. the people of boston, i cannot say enough about how... how amazing this staff at children's hospital was. >> the hon family has long love boston. instead of instilling fear in that day, that has only increased their finest of the city. -- find nestfinis >> some members of a north a little league best baseball team that made it to the world series last year are now in trouble for allegedly gang up on a teammate. the press democrat the santa rosa reports for members of the petaluma national little league team were suspended for two days from petaluma ju
are critical. 12 victims are at beth israel, where tsarnaev is also being treated. we have team coverage tonight, beginning with dean reynolds. >> reporter: when a watertown neighbor saw someone bleeding in his backyard boat last night, he called the cops. and when a state police helicopter with special heat- sensing technology spotted the contours of a body in that boat, law enforcement moved in. ( gunfire ) >> reporter: after an hour or more of sporadic gunfire, the suspect, dzhokar tsarnaev, emerged a bloody and bowed 19- year-old lying prone outside the home of dave hennerberry. his stepson, robert duffy: >> and the tarp from the boat was kind of askew. he went over to it, trying to adjust the straps. he realized one of the straps had been cut. at that point, he noticed there was a small amount of blood. he looked forward, not knowing what he was actually looking at. he... his brain told him there was a body, but he wasn't sure there was a body. at that point, he immediately jumped down, called 911. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: word that tsarnaev was in custody was cause for
, he's flailing about. >> the suspect now hospitalized at boston's beth israel deaconess. pam, what do you know about his condition right now? >> reporter: the last chats authorities are telling us he is still in serious condition. we don't know the extent of his injuries or where his injuries are. when he was brought here last night authorities said he was weakened from a substantial loss of blood. there are indications that he was wounded during a shoot-out with authorities early friday morning, and then possibly wounded again during another gunfight that happened at the boat, where he was discovered last night. but again, we know right now is he in serious condition. the hospital has denied our request for an interview. all they can say is that he is here and the fbi is fielding questions from the media about his conditions. we're hoping for a press conference to get some more answers. >> pamela, john berman here. do we have a sense of when the next step in the legal process might be? >> reporter: well if he is physically able he could be arraigned as early as this weekend. it is un
this morning in boston. suspect number two, dzhokhar tsarnaev is in custody at beth israel hospital at this hour after a very tense 24-hour manhunt and tense standoff and shootout with police last night. >>brian: the 19-year-old was found in a boat in the backyard of the home in a town in watertown not far from where his brother was killed in a shootout with police. he actually would run over his brother that day and maybe kill him. the homeowner noticed a strap cut on his boat. they found tsarnaev inside covered with blood. >> the man who dialed 911 rushed to the scene, tried to negotiate with him to give himself up, but tsarnaev wasn't going down without a fight. police were able to take him alive. >>alisyn: we have live team coverage of the dramatic new developments this morning. molly line is downtown. first we want to go to beth israel hospital with the latest on the suspect's condition. good morning, adam. >> good morning. as the sun comes up here and the rain comes down, behind me here is beth israel hospital. around this complex, a very large medical complex, you'll find pol
at beth israel hospital no longer haunted by his presence. i'm jake tapper and this is "the lead." the boston bombing suspect now in prison, moved to a federal hospital. behind the walls of an old military fort, half a world away his parents are on the move too, but not to the u.s. he was maimed for life in boston but he helped put authorities hot on the trail of the suspects. hear what he saw when he looked into the face of tamerlan tsarnaev moments before the blast. >>> and we knew him only as danny. the man who police say was carjacked by the suspect and somehow escaped to tell about it, how he's coping after the most terrifying 90 minutes of his life. >>> good afternoon. i'm jake tapper. we're coming to you live from copley square in boston where thousands have been drawn to a growing memorial of the victims of the boston marathon terror attack. cnn learned from a law enforcement official that investigators are up to their elbows now in a land fill about an hour south of here, near dzhokhar tsarnaev's former dorm room. they're looking for his laptop. a source also says that i
the character of our country once more. >> reporter: tonight, dzhokhar tsarnaev is in serious condition at beth israel medical center, being treated for his injuries. and the city can finally sleep. for "nightline," i'm linsey davis in watertown, massachusetts. >> our thanks to linsey davis. >>> coming up next for us, faces of terror. what drove these proverbial boys next door to unlaunch allegedly a deadly reign of terror. progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today. cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself. >>> this special edition of "nightline," caught, continues from boston with juju chang.
-year-old suspect in the boston bombing under very heavy police guard at beth israel hospital. he is in serious condition with two gunshot wounds to the leg and neck. agents seen leaving the hospital this morning. this image is emerging of dzhokhar tsarnaev, just before he was captured. it shows him climbing over the edge of a boat in which he was found hiding. it is believed to have been taken from a helicopter that was overhead surveying the scene. meanwhile in london, officials are beefing up security for sunday's london marathon. hundreds of police officers reportedly being added to the marathon route just a precaution after the boston marathon. we are told they are plan ago moment of silence to honor those lost in boston. to molly line in watertown, massachusetts, with the very latest there. molly? >> hi. we're at franklin street, where the actual capture occurred after the very long manhunt and the long lockdown here in this community. it's morning. the neighbors are beginning to come out. you can see just down the street past the law enforcement officers here on the edge, t
at beth israel deaconess. federal prosecutors have been here since last night working on the possible charges and that he will face terrorism charges according to a doj sources. now once those charges are brought forward he will be arraigned from their preliminary hearing will be set and he will be indicted on grand jury. also facing federal charges, right now he's in federal kus i can custody and will face federal charges and could face state charges of murder but from there a deal should be worked out between federal authorities and state authorities. again so far no charges have been filed but we're hearing from sources that those charges will be brought soon. >> what kind of differences in penalties are there for the state and federal charges? clearly that's what prosecutors will want to look at very carefully. >> absolutely. on the state level, because we are in the state of massachusetts, we would not be able to face a death penalty. there is no death penalty here in massachusetts, but because of federal charges supersede the state charges he could still face the death penalty o
. 19-year-old boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is under heavy guard at boston's beth israel hospital, where 10 victims of the bombing are being treated. mollo is live outside the hospital. >> reporter: dzhokhar tsarnaev is under heavy guard and under treatment at beth israel, where he is yet to be able to speak to investigator who is are waiting and wanting to ask him so many vital questions in this case. the boston police commissioner weighed in on "fox news sunday." he said the fbi ms. want started to question the suspect because he is in no condition to be interrogated. the atf spoke person told the new york times that he suffered a gun wound to the neck and to the leg. one injury must be from the first shootout in the dark overnight hours because there was blood found at the scene, throughout the city of watertown, according to the police chief. commissioner davis believes that the suspect had big plans for more violence. he spoke with chris wallace about that on "fox news sunday." >> they clearly had other explosives. they detonated those explosives at the scene of the
at beth israel deacon esz hospital where their thon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is in serious but stable condition. investigators say one of his most severe injuries, a throat wound, that's limited his ability to speak, could be the result of a suicide attempt before he was captured. we're also learning more now about what tsarnaev did in the days just before the attack. witnesses say he returned to classes at the university of massachusetts dartmouth, even attending parties before he disappeared on thursday. >> just weird that he came back after, like, the bombings and then people saw him here. i don't know why he would do that. >> reporter: it's a question that so many in this grieving community and across the country are asking right now. why? jay gray, nbc news, boston. >> as jay mentioned, hundreds gathered at the boston marathon finish line today to pay their respects. tomorrow the governor of massachusetts is asking people across the state to observe a moment of silence at the time that first bomb went off. that would be 2:50 in the afternoon. it will be followed by the
, this is a special edition of "nightline," inside the capture. with dan harris. >> good evening from the beth-israel deaconess hospital in boston. tonight behind these walls in his hospital room, the young boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is painting a horrific picture to authorities. what he is saying you will want to hear. abc chief investigative correspondent brian ross that is this "nightline" exclusive. >> reporter: in the hours before dzhokhar tsarnaev was accused he revealed the why and the how of the deadly bomb attacks. and for all the power of the two explosions, for all the dramatic gunfights and for all the indications of well-trained terrorist techniques the younger brother reportedly told agents according to the authorities it was almost entirely done from the internet, homegrown with no direction from overseas. they used an al qaeda internet description of how to make a pressure cooker bomb. seth jones, a counterterror expert at the rand corporation, has analyzed the marathon attack and how it was pulled off. >> ad libbed part of it and made some decisions on a few elements of
in a federal prison hospital. much to the relief of some at boston's beth israel hospital where he was until friday. >> i'm pretty happy he is not here anymore. i think it will take the stress and the pressure off of the patients that are here being treated from the bombing. reporter: as boston slowly and painfully heals, boylston street where the bombs went off, re-open for people and business. >> we're looking to move forward, and we're looking to get back to our normalcy,, let that process start. >> the bombings youngest victim, martin richard, didn't live to play in his first little league game of the season. he was remembered with jerseys in his name and his team mates honored him with a moment of silence, and this memorial painted in center field. >> ama: one of the clues that may have helped determine the bombs were detonated by remote control is this small battery, it's used in remote controls and was found among the bomb's remnants. the fbi visited the company and collected information on customers who purchased the batteries. >> another developing story tonight. the fbi has made a
first full day at prison hospital about 40 miles from boston much to the relief from boston's beth israel hospital. >> i'm happy he is not here anymore. it will take the stress and pressure off the patients being here treated from the bombing. >> as boston slowly and painfully heals, boylston street reopened for people and business. >> we are looking to move forward and looking to get back to normalcy and let that process start. >> youngest victim, 8-year-old martin richard didn't live to play in his first little game of the season. martin's teammates honored him on the field with a moment of silence. this memorial painted in center field. >> ama: f.b.i. has made a new arrest in the poison letters sent to the president and senator. they say everett dusky was arrested at his home. they allegedly contained ricin and sent to president obama and roger wicker and earlier to an 80-year-old mississippi judge. he insists he is innocent. kha, were filed against someone else but eventually dropped. >>> still ahead the next step investigators will take to figure out how a plane part believed
as all islamic terrorists dream-- at beth israel hospital. ( laughter ) ( applause ) meanwhile-- meanwhile, white hat guy fled the scene so authorities start a massive manhunt, ordering the entire city of boston to shelter-in-place. marking the first time an american city has been completely shut down if you don't count detroit. ( laughter ) it is-- it is unprecedented, folks. cnn's susan candiotti 7, i think, capturedly the feeling best. >> the streets are empty. it's ear. it's as though a bomb had dropped somewhere. ( laughter ) >> stephen: well said. that's cnn susan candiotti reporting live from no-(bleep)ylvania. ( laughter ) ( applause ) they finally caught white hat guy hiding in a boat, and he's been formally charged. the question is how should the united states respond to this act of terror? where should we strike back? well, let's review what we know. they are muslims. they are brothers. which makes them the muslim brotherhood. ( laughter ). that means egypt. ( laughter ) then again, they are from chechnya, a federal republic of the russian federation located in the
to bette israel hospit -- beth israel hospital. suspect number one died from the wounds sustained here. suspect number 2 originally the individual shown on the video in the pictures by the fbi the joint terrorist task force wearing the white ball cap backwards. he is no longer wearing the white ball cap. particularly because the latest image released from him shows him wearing that gray hood de. that is the individual at large. that is the individual considered armed and dangerous. he is a terrorist who came here to kill people. he's at large right now. people in watertown are urged to stay in their homes. don't poke around. the police out there are very skiddish right now particularly with all of the explosives. we saw a number of police cruisers speed by our location with a great deal of aggressiveness. very much alive. with one individual still at large. >> the shoot out was going on not in afghanistan or iraq but this is in a neighborhood with this kind of neighborhood. it is amazing there weren't more people in the middle. stay right there we have fox news justice producer mike le
to bring in cnn's chris lawrence, he's at beth israel hospital in boston. what's going on down there? it's a bit quieter than it was earlier. >> you can see some of the state police officers taking off for the hospital right behind me. wherever this investigation goes from here, it will start at beth israel hospital because tsarnaev is being treated by the same medical team trying to save his brother's life almost exactly 24 hours ago. we're told dzhokhar is in serious condition. they say he was covered in floods and suffered his injuries early friday morning. he was on the run, probably wounded for about 24 hours which probably leads to some of the injuries he still sustains right now. when we were talking with about of the folks here, you can see that there is a heavy garn around this hospital. there are state police posted on every corner here. again, he's being evaluated and treated by the medical staff here. at some point we hear that the fbi, not the hospital, the fbi will be updating his medical condition. piers? >> thanks so much, indeed. we go to cnn's susan candiotti. what a we
outside the entrance of the hospital. but all-around the beth israel medical center where the suspect is located there are police officers everywhere. significant presence outside and inside though the numbers are down a bit from when we first arrived five hours ago. inside we are told the suspect has multiple injuries. there has been conflicting reports out. we have been told he was shot to the head and thousand we hear maybe the neck. he was obviously shot in the head or neck area. we were also told he was shot in the leg or hand as well. we know he has been shot at least twice and one of those wounds he suffered from the gunbattle roughly 20 hours before he was captured. we were told at last check that he was in surgery and in critical, but stable condition in a sense they felt he would make it through the night. he did have serious injuries. we have not been updated since that time, and we don't know if we will get anymore from our sources because of the late nature of the night here. but you do know -- we do know he has guards inside and outside of his hospital room. that will co
. here's what we know. dzhokhar tsarnaev is at the beth israel deaconist hospital in boston. we know he's alive. we do not know his condition. this is a shot of the 19-year-old being treated after his arrest. his older brother, 26-year-old tamerlan, was killed hours earlier in a shootout with the police. >> the president's high-value interrogation group is standing by. the special team of the cia, the fbi, and defense department waiting to question dzhokhar squoefr night. overnight. the president pointing out there are still burning questions about why the brothers allegedly launched the attack and whether they're connected to a larger terror conspiracy. that's the big concern. >> huge questions this morning. our abc news team is out in full force right now. we start with chief investigative correspondent brian ross, who has been on this story from the jump. he has a blow-by-blow account of how the arrest went down. brian, good morninto you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the capture was dramatic and quick. authorities said they brought justice to the victims of the marathon bombings a
officers that wound up killing his older brother. elizabeth cohen standing outside the beth israel deaconess medical center where he's being treated. what do we know about his condition specifically, elizabeth? >> wolf, according to our affiliate, whgh, tsarnaev is in the intensive care unit, and cnn sources tell us -- sources tell cnn he has wounds to the throughothroat and he is sedated and intubated. intubation means a tube is placed usually down the throat into the windpipe and is attached to the ventilator and that ventilator breets for him. it doesn't mean he can't breathe. very often when patients have a large loss of blood, doctors prefer the machine breathe ratherthen the patient. it puts less strain on the patient. and people are often sedated when they're intubated. they're out of t not able to hold a conversation. wolf. >> all right, elizabeth, there could be some dramatic developments over at the hospital where you are. we're going to get back to you. we'll see if a magistrate or a judge actually shows up to notify this suspect at bedside about potential charges, what'
beth israel hospital in boston. deb, start with you, what are you learning? >> well, anderson, we can tell you that investigators and doctors are staying close by the alleged suspect. he is on a ventilator, he is heavily sedated and also restrained. one of the reasons is because they don't want him when he does wake up, when he is sort of -- when he does wake up, they don't want him to rip the ventilator out of his mouth. they're really trying to keep him as calm and as stable as they possibly can. they don't want any additional stress to the body. what we are being told is every couple of hours, every several hours, investigators will go in and in the presence of doctors they are asking him questions. now, this could be in writing because the suspect may have sustained some hearing loss during that shootout and the flash bang grenades going off at the time. investigators are asking basic questions, safety questions. are there anymore bombs? is there a bomb stash? are there any weapons? also, was anyone else involved? even a nod of the head could obviously direct them to continue look
our coverage of the boston marathon attack, dr. michael gibson is a dr. beth israel medical center. he was on call monday treating victims of the bomb blasts. his son ran in the marathon yesterday. we're also joined by boston- based reporter charles pierce. he wrote a piece yesterday. >> why don't we start with the doctor, talking about what you have seen at the deaconess, what has happened, what you understand has taken place. dr. michael gibson? >> thank you. it was a bit like a war scene, essentially. watching tv, seen the show inside combat rescue, we see a light of loss of limbs from explosive devices. it was eerily reminiscent of that. people were missing lower extremities. there were reports of a lot of shrapnel, not clear if that came from the bomb itself or from the container the bomb was in or near by debris, but most of the injuries were to the lower extremities. although, shrapnel was present everywhere. a lot of people had hearing loss from the blast as well. trauma base completely filled with patients. there were two waves read the first wave was about eight patients crit
are going to interrupt you right now, there's a press conference going on right now at beth israel hospital where this first suspect was brought after he was wounded and died. we'll go live to beth israel right now. >> we still do have 12 victims from the initial event hospitalized here at the hospital. one of them still in serious condition in the icu. we initially received 24 patients here from the original event on monday. the vast majority of those patients have been discharged. we are open and ready for any patients to come to the medical center this morning, although we are restricting access to ensure safety for patients, family and visitors and asking people to show patience as they come in this morning. >> reporter: was that patient brought in under police guard tonight? >> that patient was brought in with police guard, yes. >> reporter: with you describe the injuries? >> we do want to make available the physician that initially heard the events in watertown. >> my name is dr. shownfeld. last night as i was doing some work at home and watching the news coverage of the officer-invol
dzhokhar tsarnaev has been moved from beth israel medical center to a prison facility. the u.s. marshals as he was moved to the bureau of prisons facility in fort devon's massachusetts. and the father out dzhokhar tsarnaev as delay his trip to the united states to help with the investigation. their mother,anzor is expected to travel today. th suspect's mot also delayed her suspects mi dat has also delayed her trip indefinitely due to health reasons. meanwhile, federal investigators say their interviews with them have produced new information. at first he reportedly told investigators that he and his brother were headed to new york city to a party after the attack. however, he later revealed that he and his brother decided spontaneously on times square as a target. new york city officials say the pair intended to travel within as he beat a carjacked of their plan fell apart when the vehicle ran low on gas. officials say they also know more about details about the devices these men could have used. >> the 11 year-old martinez way was injured in the boston bombing was released from hospital
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